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Vbeam Perfecta Pulse Dye Laser

The Vbeam Perfecta laser is a pulse dye laser that emits a short burst of light that specifically targets and removes unwanted skin lesions and improves red scars. Vbeam can also be used to rejuvenate your skin by removing unwanted blood vessels and redness on the face, neck & chest. Vbeam is also very effective at removing redness and improving the appearance of acne, surgical and traumatic scars.  

How It Helps

The Vbeam Perfecta laser has many uses in skin rejuvenation. Keith Llewellyn MD and Sean Fisher PA-C often perform Vbeam laser treatments to improve the appearance of red stretch marks, red acne scars, hypertrophic scars and keloids. The Vbeam perfecta laser reduces facial redness in rosacea patients and removes unwanted vessels and redness on the face, neck and chest.

What to Expect

A typical Vbeam laser treatment takes 10 minutes to perform. No anesthesia is required and most patients tolerate the treatment with minimal discomfort. The treated area appears red and a little swollen post treatment (i.e. like a wind burn for facial treatments) and typically resolves within a few hours, though sometimes can last a day or two. Stubborn vessels may require more aggressive treatment that may result in some focal bruising, but this would be discussed with you prior to your treatment. You may apply make-up post treatment and resume your day.  

How to Prepare

Sun protect the area you intend to have treated both before and after your treatment. We will not laser darkly tanned skin. Remove make-up and wash your face prior to your appointment. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled laser appointment to allow time for photos, any last minute questions and signing of the consent form.