Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Mole Removal in Santa Barbara, CA

Moles are benign growths on the skin, but you may find them cosmetically unappealing. Some moles can be in areas where you experience chafing and they become tender and irritated. Dr. Keith Llewellyn offers mole removal for residents of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria, Solvang, Santa Ynez, and the surrounding areas of California.

What is a Mole?

Melanocytes are mole cells that are evenly distributed throughout your skin and give your skin its color. When melanocytes cluster together in a given area, they form a mole. Although most moles are harmless, people may choose to have mole removal for cosmetic reasons. Moles may also develop in areas where you constantly rub them with your clothing or they get intermittently traumatized. This can lead to skin irritation, tenderness and bleeding. Dr. Llewellyn can easily remove these tender, irritated moles.

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

Moles come in all shapes, sizes and locations, so we cannot discuss the cost of your mole removal until after the consultation. Payment is expected at the time of service, and we accept cash and major credit cards. You can learn more about paying for your services at Aloe Dermatology on our financing page.

What Are the Benefits of Mole Removal?

Having a bothersome mole removed helps you feel more comfortable with your appearance and may also address any secondary problems that you experience, such as tenderness and bleeding if the moles are frequently irritated.

Am I a Candidate for Mole Removal?

Mole are the most common type of skin growth, but there are many other types of lesions that appear elevated on the skin. If you are bothered by a mole or find a new mole on your skin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Llewellyn.

What Should I Expect from Mole Removal?

Mole removal is a relatively simple procedure and one that Dr. Llewellyn performs routinely. Typically an irritated mole or mole of cosmetic concern is raised. For these moles, the skin around the mole is locally anesthetized to ensure your comfort. Then the mole is shaved flat. The area is then allowed to heal like a small scrape. In some cases, excision of the mole with stitches may be recommended for an optimal cosmetic outcome. Moles can recur and any surgical procedure may result in a mark or scar. Most patients, however, are very pleased with the cosmetic results of their mole removal. Scar revision treatments can be performed in the future if needed.

Not every mole is a beauty mark. If you have an embarrassing or irritated mole, learn about mole removal by our dermatologist, Dr. Llewellyn. Aloe Dermatology offers mole removal for men and women in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Solvang, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, and tsurrounding areas of California. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.