Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products in Santa Barbara, CA

One of the best ways to take care of your skin is with professional products that fit your lifestyle and unique needs. Dr. Keith Llewellyn offers professional skin care products for men and women in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria, Solvang, Santa Ynez, and the surrounding areas of California.

What Are Skin Care Products?

Skin care products rejuvenate your skin by improving your skin’s texture, reducing brown spots, fine lines, facial redness, and blemishes. Enhance your skin’s radiance as well as hydrate and protect your skin all with a simple, customized skin care regimen designed by Keith Llewellyn, MD.

Skin Care Products

How Much Do Skin Care Products Cost?

We are experts at finding professional skin care products that suit your needs, as well as your budget. During the consultation, we examine your skin to determine where your current regimen is falling short. Whether you have acne, sensitive skin, fine lines, rosacea, age spots or normal skin, we have products that are right and affordable for you. Cost is discussed once you choose the products, and we accept payment by cash and major credit cards. You can learn more on our financing page.

What Are the Benefits of Skin Care Products?

Instead of speaking to a store clerk to get skin care advice, randomly picking products or falling prey to marketing ploys in the media, speak with Dr. Llewellyn, an expert in skin care.

Am I a Candidate for Skin Care Products?

Everyone is a candidate for professional skin care products. We choose products that are based on sound science and proven through extensive research and practical experience.

What Should I Expect from Skin Care Products?

We carry several advanced, medical-grade skin care products from companies like:

  • SkinMedica® includes serums, cleansers, exfoliation products, and other options for all skin types
  • IS Clinical® helps with hydration, cleansing, toning, and other concerns
  • glo Skin Beauty, formerly glo therapeutics®, improves skin health by combining daily use with targeted skin care for fine lines, age spots, dryness, hyperpigmentation, acne, and other problems
  • EltaMD® offers a full line of high-quality sunscreens and skin care to repair and protect your skin
  • Allergan (Latisse®) grows natural lashes so you can say goodbye to sticky mascaras, imperfect false eyelashes, and troublesome eyelash extensions
  • SkinCeuticals® has a broad range of advanced skin care products backed by science that can protect, correct and prevent skin issues

Rejuvenating your skin with professional skin care products does take time to see results. We will explain how to use your skin care products, including a specific morning and evening routine, as well as products to be used throughout the day. You will see a gradual improvement over several weeks, months and years of use. Professional skin care products are used as an adjunct to cosmetic procedures as well to help enhance and maintain results. We encourage you to be consistent with your skin care regimen, as some changes occur deeper in the skin and may not be immediately visible.

Your skin deserves the best products. Aloe Dermatology offers professional skin care products for men and women in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria, Solvang, Santa Ynez, and the surrounding areas of California. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.