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KYBELLA® - Reduce Your Double Chin

Aloe Dermatology and Keith Llewellyn MD are proud to be among the first dermatology practices in Santa Barbara to offer KYBELLA® a new FDA approved non-surgical treatment for submental fullness (more commonly known as the “double chin”).

How It Helps

KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) is a naturally occurring, fat dissolving compound that is injected into the submental area fat. KYBELLA® destroys unwanted fat cells in the treated area and allows us to improve your chin’s profile and contour. Finally, there is a new, exciting, non-surgical option to permanently reduce the double chin and improve your chin’s profile. Diminish your double chin and improve your chin’s contour with KYBELLA® 

What to Expect

Treatments typically take 20-30 minutes to perform. No anesthesia is necessary and treatments are well tolerated by most patients. Typically two to four treatments, separated by 6 weeks are required for optimal results. Common post treatment side effects include swelling, redness, bruising, numbness and areas of hardness or firmness which typically resolve over a few weeks. For most patients, these side effects tend to be more prominent with the first treatment (think dissolving more fat) and lessen with subsequent treatments. More serious, very rare side effects could occur and include, and are not limited to, nerve injury that could result in facial muscle weakness, an uneven smile or difficulty swallowing. Keith Llewellyn M.D. and our aesthetic nurse. have been trained in the art of injection techniques that will optimize results and minimize potential side effects.